Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lets Get This Party Started

Come on in.
Actually, I am not feeling overtly party-ish since my tulle skirt is at the cleaners but we can chat and share any ideas you have for the incoming year, the outgoing year, any intentions otherwise known as resolutions and just plain old idle gossip. What say ye?!
Oh, by the bye- I have fresh spicy cranberry salsa poured over cream cheese with my fav Wheat Thins and Misson tortillas plus I have made a vat of Mimosas big enuff to swim in. Help yourselves and find a comfy place to light.
On the changer, some Black Eyed Peas, Counting Crows, BareNaked Ladies, All-American Rejects, Billy Idol, Green Day, Mary J. Blige, Marvin Gaye, Al Green pre-religion. Bring your stuff along.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The world is noisy and distracting. The same of people. I am ready to concentrate on slowing down, tuning out the noise and tuning into the very basic things. I am ready to start quietly listening to my heart and follow the omens out there.

Shoes and Shirt Required

A little get together tomorrow night. Come on by and visit.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Working, working, working on all the little items and big items I've manufactured in my little elf workshop. My ears are getting a little pointy. I have a ton of things to do today before the kids come back from their dad's not the least of which is to head back into town to pick up those last things I couldn't get into the store door to get on Saturday. Since today is a regular workday for many, I "figure" I can get into town early and out before 10 am. We will see.
I've scratched off many jobs from my list- those chocolate covered cherries, the decoupaged trays, the rest of the ninja magnets, the catnip toys sewn with my homegrown catnip inside, eating, showering...I read on Facebook that my siblings and their offspring are in the same boat. At least last night I went to bed at a reasonable hour. Apparently they need no sleep considering the time their last entry was made.

I'll be packing the car and children and setting off over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house tomorrow. I'll be back next week and perhaps hosting a New Year's Eve blog party. I would love to see you come by for a drink and a dance. Yes, there will be dancing.
In the mean time, enjoy yourselves fully and have a beautiful Christmas Day.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The last push at shopping. I have only got 4 or 5 places I need to go. Unfortunately, one of them is the mall.

Thank goodness for St. John's wort.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No school again today. We were out on Monday, tried but failed to stay any later than 11:30 yesterday because if glazing and today since it's iffy how much freezing drizzle we will get, school is called again.

My computer needs to go in the shop -TODAY! Overload on the one fan working from J's daily Fate onslaught has managed to wear it down. It also has some problem downloading Microsoft and HP auto updates which are piling up. No, I never invested in "Computers for Dummies".

I walked down to the post office yesterday to mail some packages and found myself $.60 short. The postmaster was cool and fronted me the shortage which he has been known to do. It does pay to live in a small town, you know?

I made some funny little magnets for Jack's locker from some magazine clipped ninjas. Do you know how easy it is to make personalized magnets?! And are ninjas as popular at your house as they are at mine?
I covered the top of a york mint tin with paper and Mod Podged it and then put the magnets inside to protect them. I'll just wrap up the tin.
We were all crafting yesterday after we got out of school. E is personalizing some tees for her close friends with fabric paint- maybe some pics later. I was working on some pen and inks and said magnets ( J is oblivious to whats going on in the same room) but as all my stuff was laying around J picked up some wire and started working on ideas for E and me. He worked on it while I averted my eyes. I have an idea of what mine looks like since he showed me E's when he finished it.

The winter moon has been shining into the window at the head of my bed. I've been dreaming strange dreams and waking up to find myself bathed in bright moon glow. It's kinda cool.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

E takes the ACT test today for the first time. The highest score of 31 can get a Bright Flight scholarship of $2000 a year from the state. That would be alright, I'm thinking.

J is gone to a sleepover at a friend's and not back until noonish. Could that mean?!..Is it possible?! ..YES! I am alone! OMG! I am going to start right in on my projects. As soon as I drink another round of java.

Bought our Christmas tree last night from the local grocery store. Poor things, having been cut last June are shedding and looking thirsty. I was going to head to the closest tree farm 25 miles away and cut a fresh one but the hail storm this summer took out their crop. Anyway, I sawed off the bottom 4 inches of this one and stuck it on a nice warm bucket of water in the garage last night. Oh, my, the garage smells nice. Guess we will put up the tree tonight and a bit of other decorations. It's a delight to smell the scent of fir the first moments of lucidity in the morning. I almost forget I'm the age I am and I am transported back to my childhood.

Crap! I was just reminded my daughter has a watch (she never wears) and I just bought her one for Christmas. Good Grief! She had it on for the test or I wouldn't have remembered she had one. Guess I have a new watch. And I do need one.

One more week of school and we are out until January 5th. There is some nasty looking weather coming in this week looking to last the entire week as well. I really want to get this week in before we leave for break so I'm crossing my fingers. I sure hope things up north improve for those folks. It looks a lot like our ice storm from '07.

I have some interesting visitors. Some from far away such as Portugal and some from as close as Springfield Missouri. Don't you always wonder who might be lurking and what their stories are? Welcome anyhow.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ms. R's Rule of School

No matter what they might be doing- picking their nose, poking another kid, singing a song- a Kindergartner will immediately stop and join in the second you start counting.

Monday, December 08, 2008

In case you were unaware...It's hard to find anything not made in China besides food and I'm not altogether sure about that in some instances.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Uh-huh..I know about this kind of thing.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Residual tryptophan in system. Feeling sluggish but mostly due, I'll bet, to the cold wintry weather. Sun is popping out now -hurrah!

Successful days spent with family. Ready to conquer the shopping.

Daughter is gearing up for first ACT testing date.

Saturday both kids march in the Christmas parade. I really love the fact the town decided to have an evening parade. Now where is my flask?

I came home from our trip and found a mouse had tried to squeeze into one of the back air holes of our potato box. He was hanging about 6 inches off the floor with one arm and his head stuck through the hole which is about 1/2 an inch. What a dumb ass. Now I am determining whether to keep the box or not. How icky. But he didn't make it into the box so... My sister painted a beautiful daisy scene on it about 20 years ago for me. I hate to throw it away.