Monday, April 27, 2009

So much stuff last week at school and at home. Coming and goings of my offspring and myself.
Sorry Anne about forgetting about the recommendations for replacement trees. I think you are pretty much in my growing zone- 6. And for those dogwoods- they can receive sunlight but I think they like a bit of shade. I have a lot of favs, btw.
Working on putting together an at-risk classroom with my co-worker. She is actually doing the work of scheduling and set up but Ive worked and troubleshot with her and visited other schools with these classes in place so I have a hand in it. It's taken a while to get a handle on what we are after.
We have what we can have in place and the next move is to implement next year and change what works on paper but doesn't actually work in reality. I just wonder what I should really get paid when I start this. Common lament among teachers.
E went to prom Saturday night but since my computer decided to be finicky about something, I haven't been on to upload them. Wait until you get a load!
I spent the weekend making up a seed and plant order for the orchard guy's truck farm he's starting. I also turned my garden over, mowed the backyard (should have had J do that before he left for Dad's), transplanted tomato and pepper seedlings (don't know if I can get them big enough to use in my garden in time) black-eyed Susan and garlic chive volunteers from my beds, planted white pine and tulip poplar seedlings as a windbreak on the north side of my house, retrieved my daughter and 3 friends from an hour and a half away after their Saturday band contest so they wouldn't come slugging in at 3 pm and have 2 and 1/2 hours to get ready for prom (could you imagine only having 2 and 1/2 hours to get ready?!) but shopped for clothes before I picked them up, transplanted houseplants and moved them outside to live, cleaned and washed, cooked and baked for the week.
Good Gosh! I sound like ANNE!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In between making the deviled eggs and the shrimp salad we took these.
Not a bad bunch.
Very good songs on the mp3 to take a walk to-
Incubus- You Are Stellar
Jet- Cold Hard Bitch

Monday, April 13, 2009

Anyone care to give tips and advice on vacation car rental options? Even though the school is paying, I would like to make an effort to spend wisely.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter egg hunting time. Heading to my mom's for our get together.

Everyone enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oh, no. NataS has left the blogsphere. A sad day....

Sunday, April 05, 2009

'Gran Torino' - loved the movie. 'Taken'- what predictable story line and incredible crappy ending.

I helped with our first swim youth invitational at the Y yesterday. Lots of elementary and middle school kids I know competed. Their first year of competitive swimming and their first meet and they took second. Well done, Sharks!
I saw some one's double there yesterday. I did a double-take.

E took the ACT for the second time. We cut it close getting to the school conducting the test since we got behind a real slow-mo. Sliding in on two wheels, she got in and given directions -not accompanied- was shuffled to three different rooms in three different buildings finally to settle back into the first building where the instructions were already in progress. Nerve-racking but she managed to explain to her instructor the reason for her interruption and to apologize for being later than planned. It turned out ok in the end.

I washed the egg off my house from earlier in the week. I decided to just wash the whole front of the house while I was at it. The siding looks much better as well as the front porch. One down, three to go. Quite satisfying. I really am a menial job type of person and not corporate material, not that anyone was convinced otherwise..

I looked forward to strawberries and shortcake last night. The first flush of berries are here from California. If there was a dessert table offering the richest chocolates and a bowl of strawberries with shortcake, I would ALWAYS choose the strawberries and shortcake. I don't even need whipped cream.

Egads! I just remembered I need to do my state taxes! I have the form somewhere around here...

The girl's play was fun. "Altar Egos" was the play's name about the way families, brides and grooms and peripherals go nuts when it comes to planning a wedding. E played the Grandmother of the bride who comes in during the last ten minutes and sets everything right.
J cracked me up and made me equally uncomfortable by sitting next to his GF and holding hands- right in front of me and her parents! He did at least shake the mom and dad's hands when he met them without any prompting which made me feel good. So I had a talk about mine and his dad's expectations again- a representative of our family and all that jazz. It seemed to make him stop and think. Sigh- that boy tickles me and makes me nervous.

Where is Gnomeself Be True?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sandi- I can't get a comment box on your blog. Just know I am thinking about you and hope things smooth out soon. Lots of people are on your. Take care.

Stepping up my exercise regimen. Im trying to walk/run a half hour in the mornings and ride my bike or at least do some Pilates at my house in the evening mixed with plenty of weight reps although I only have 5 lb-ers right now. Mixing that with the exercise ball kind of makes me believe I am doing some good. My blankity-blank metabolism needs a boost. I just can't shake this tired, slow-witted point I am at.

Tomorrow night E is in the Drama department's play. She plays an old grandma and while she was developing the character according to the drama teacher's wishes, she adopted a pretty good northern accent to deliver her lines with, much like my mother's and all my Yankee relatives. It's funny and Im looking forward to seeing it.

Can you believe it?! We got egged last night apparently in the middle of the night since I never heard it happen. I raised my shades in the living room this morning and was met with a splattering of yolk and white with a shell fragment hanging on the sill outside. I did a double take and with investigation, we learned about five missile had been thrown. Yuck. Nobody at school opened their mouths so Im chalking it up to an April Fool's Day joke. I don't want to think about pissing someone off for anything else.