Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Smattering

Ahh, Fall- a two-edged sword. Love the cool, crispness but hate the dwindling sunlight and daylight. I feel like I am taking on more reptilian needs as I get older since my favorite thing is the sun. After June 21st, I feel under the gun to make the most of the summer because daylight hours start getting shorter. I can always hear my dad pointing that out every year. I don't know if he was happy about it or sad like me. Probably happy in the later years since it would be closer to bringing the farming year to a close.

J's drum major career in field marching is about to start on Saturday. I am pretty proud of him. Thankfully it is not required of him to wear a meat dress or something equally unusual. I love his original salute to the judges that the band is ready to take the field. What a ham.

Girly is doing better at college. She is still dating the boy from high school which is causing her to view her week as something to get through so she can get home to him. Even though I like the kid, I wish they were not together. I know she feels very insecure about being on her own too, on campus and in the city. That is the biggest hurdle for her. It will take time.

Keeping on the dating circuit. Must. Not. Give. Up.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Apple Festival '10

One more festival down in the history books. Weather was bad with tons of rain until Saturday morning and then BEAUTY! Cool, sunny and dry. There was the need for straw to be spread over muddy places in the craft tents which wreaked havoc on my breathing part so I sit here coughing as I type. Never knew I had allergies.
J is the high school drum major- did I mention that in an earlier post?- so he led the band in the parade and at the concert. I was really proud. He did a great job. Their field marching show is Lady Ga Ga songs and they played all of those at the concert.

E has moved to the university in Springfield to start classes and as you can see by these move -in pics, she is stressed. She was in no mood for me to snap these. She has been there three weeks now and is doing much better adjusting.