Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All the worst

ARRRrggghhh. Suffering in depressed mental state. Winter looming. Christmas looming. Low light levels causing increase of nappiness and appetite. Plants coming in from outdoors taking over. Excess body fat. New size pants. Overload of work and worry. Liver increasingly infused and overloaded. No brain activity(worse than usual), therefore no witty posts(yeah, right).
Done for a while.

Friday, October 06, 2006


The bad:
My dad going to the retirement home's Alzheimers unit 3 times a week. Maybe it's good for him, certainly good for my mom but bad to deal with mentally for me.
Payday isn't until next week.
Another year above ground for me.

The good:
My son is in beginning band and he is accepted as a percussionist! He is totally jazzed and I am so proud.
My son has shared with me his love for his life right now. He is so happy where he is at. Again, proud I am.
My daughter is heading to a leadership conference in St. Louis in November. I am anxious for her to go since she will learn so much about herself and her abilities. Proud!
Another year above ground for me.
A trip in honor of my b-day from Wildman. I haven't a clue where. Should prove to be fun where ever we end up.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

IAMNOT, I'm throwing down the photographic gauntlet

Does this rival the black and white pic Moth shot during his fantastic Italian-ish lunch? Note the anemic salad in the American Tupperware in the foreground. It is slathered with American RANCH dressing and accompanied by plain southeast MO. tap water disguised as expensive bottled water. My desk with plants, a birdhouse from last year's secret pal gift exchange, the paper, and various other non-describables...
I think I'll work on my technique..
Check out Moth's work here-

We did have a fun weekend.

This was right before I fell over....

Which reminds me, A.M.Kingsfield, in honor of FALL, the new drink to try ( no recipe yet..I'll get back to you) is called Apple Smashed. A combo of high quality vodka and good quality fresh apple cider. It's a tasty way to get your vitamins and minerals and enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the 80's.
I guess everyone is pretty busy these days. I know I am way too busy for my liking. I hate lamenting about it but it's really getting on my nerves! On Sunday I had to choose between reading the paper and reading blogs and emails. I can't get out to my garden to harvest the sweet basil before it goes to pot(hey wait a minute, THAT would slow me down!) I don't sit down till maybe 9 pm and then I start to nod off immediately. And I didn't get everything done. I don't have time for those cool projects like card-making or any other crafts. Scrapbook with my kids (they've had cool school-year scrapbooks started for 2 years now)? No way. Decorate for fall before Thanksgiving? Ditto.
In an effort to utilize my existing slave labor, I am currently teaching my son to wash up the dishes that aren't for the dishwasher and generally clean up the post- supper kitchen but there was a lot of rewashing after he was gone due to the cooler water temp he has to use (I have teflon hands) and the existing chicken fat residue (mmmm, chicken fat) left on the pans and plastics. But he was still singing while he worked so apparently he wasn't traumatized. I'll continue to groom him in this effort. The kids both clear the table and my daughter puts the clean dishwasher stuff away. They usually set the table to varying as well. They have many other jobs they see to in the home maintenance persuit, too. Very capable slaves, yes indeed. So why the heck can I not catch up???!!! I think I just continue to add stuff to my list, which of course results in my never being finished.
On Saturday, I looked at my calendar for this week and felt jubilant to find I only had J's song flute concert on Thursday night and sometime after school slated to drive over to a neighboring town to get my license renewed. Yippe. Well, the week is full and the weekend as well. I might as well get up at 4 instead of 5 and add a vitamin to my plate while I'm at it.
I'm so distressed and depressed at the news lately. I go through spells when I just stop reading the paper because I feel overwhelmed with BAD news. Politics and all the crap we are subjected to, the murder, the..oh, you know what I mean. A.M. Kingsfield really got my attention when she posted about learning how to use a gun. It was a jolt! I understood from the moment I started to read. I'm feeling vulnerable and insecure about life in general for us a people. Otis Day posted on all of the mess. I just need a week in the woods. Solitary time to feel solid again.
I started a blog roll yesterday. Bear with me. I'm trying....
A note about my time with my dad. It was a good weekend. He was glad I was there. It went more smoothly than the next week as things began to unravel for him. Missing my mom and not sure if she was coming back. My siblings said they couldn't get him in the shower which has become a major issue in the past several months. It has been approached as many ways as possible. But, my mom is back and he was so happy to see her. She had a fantastic time not only with her classmates and at the reunion but her brother and sister who live in MI and the sister who lives in Ohio got to go as well.
Well, it's time for a walk. Have a happy Wednesday.