Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last day of school!-- hoorah! Words cannot express my joy. I need to make a trip to the liquor store...*hic*

No computer will be in use at my house for another few weeks on the inside. Got a lead on some work to do on it.

What a piece of news! The kid's dad invited me to his house for a Memorial Day bonfire/cookout along with several of our old and his current friends plus our children. Interesting....

I took on the job of starting the truck garden with the orchard guy. We have had so much rain earlier in the month we could get the plastic and irrigation laid. Last night we got it in and I planted 120 feet of tomatoes (lost count of how many) and 9 rows of sweet corn. The next few weeks I will be trying to get it all in plus my garden needs some stuff planted.
Im pretty excited since he is letting me treat it as my baby. He knows nothing about vegetable gardening. Could a person ask for more? All I have to do is try to make a profit.

I will look you all up when I have the chance at a computer. Til then, Toodles.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My brother's son graduated high school this week and this afternoon we had an open house and this evening a bonfire complete with s'mores and hot dogs at my mother's house. It doesn't take much to make any of us happy. Ben was very pleased.

Only three and a half days of school left. It really seems like we were just at this point but it HAS been a year. I am so ready. Many women at school are becoming increasingly hard to stand. I detest two-faced, lying, lazy bitches. Oh, my- that as harsh.

One thing my coworker and I have been doing is taking each class for an hour and working on planting in and mulching the beds in the outdoor classroom with the native plants and trees. It is amazing how well-behaved even the most annoying child is when they are allowed to work on a project like this. Many try to outdo each other with lifting, toting, shoveling and instruction but I noticed them also having good conversation amongst them selves, talking in friendly tones and helping each other. Brenda and I sat back at one point and just listened and watched while they worked. It was inspiring.

Toodles until Monday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So my computer guy says my HP has a motherboard issue. Like it needs a new one and they can't be found. I may be naive and he is just yanking my chain but since he has nothing to gain from telling me that, I assume its true. I have another source that I can verify it by.
I am so gonna write a letter expressing my disgust with a four year old machine that is not even used every day having problems to this extent. I know, I know- they will not even read it but I am still writing it. I should have done my homework before I bought it.
So as it stands right now, I have no computer at home nor will I unless I find someone with a used one that wants to lend. I haven't checked with my peeps.
I have had some withdrawal symptoms associated with no home computer. My Facebook account is slightly overloaded with "stuff" too. No biggy though.
My mom had been visiting since Saturday and doing some lovely housework for me. It's nice to go home and have no laundry or supper to cook. AND- she primered my bathroom so now I can slap a coat of paint on it in no time. It's all taped off and everything. I will so be ready to have my bed back and a decent hour of retiring. She keeps late hours, that one and I like my sleep. I was glad she came because she got away from the worries she has everyday at home.
The storm we had last week- the inland hurricane they called it was exactly that. My trampoline was once more wrenched apart and bent perhaps for the last time( my brother manhandled it until it fit back together last time), my Red Spire ornamental pear was snapped off neatly at ground level- ~sob~ so no shade for the patio this summer, and my downspout guttering on the front of the house was blown off. Luckily, I had not roof damage as some of the surrounding houses did nor were my big trees downed like some were.

Lunch duty calls.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sandi, I messed up yours and Mathman's urls on my blog roll. I haven't left you out intentionally.
I'll get it fixed as soon as I get my computer back at home. 'Cause Lord knows I have zero time at school to mess around on the computer.
Hope all of you are good.
I still have yet to answer Anne's questions about trees. One might assume I was less knowledgeable about that stuff than Ive let on. *cough*

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sorry about that, Iamnot.