Friday, August 21, 2009

I am actually in a classroom setting this year instead of an old trailer with a desk in the corner. My co-worker Brenda, and I are set up as an at-risk room. So far, lots of business is coming our way.
The other photos are of the garden in back of the orchard. My sweet corn blew down during one storm but managed to stand back up. These shots were during July so the grass in between the rows had yet to take over. I won't show you the shots of August.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Quickie

Back at school. Killer schedule. No computer at home since financially I thought it best to replace the phone, dishwasher, guttering, buy food, pay bills, buy gas, buy school supplies, save for the inevitable washer (it sounds like a chain gang fighting in the laundry room when it runs and no, it's not repairable) - you get the picture. What we want in a computer will start at $800+ so I am holding off until I meet my sugar daddy or I win at the local casino.

Children are good.
Daughter is working at Hardees and now has a full load of classes as a Senior. Son is looking more like a 9th grader than an eighth grader.
My summer went way fast since I worked in the garden at the orchard. I have done on the producing but there was a lot of competition especially from the Amish so sales were soft.
Fall crops are going in so maybe Ill have something others won't offer.

Ill be around checking in on you all. Hope you are all fine.