Monday, July 26, 2010

My blog is a mess. The blog roll on the side has some inaccurate links I've never fixed, it's still the same old background, I haven't posted in forever, I haven't commented in forever and I haven't added any new links or ..Geez, I can't even remember the terminology to describe it.

There was some scientific study I just heard about recently that talked about a person's
facebook page resembling their personality. I'm thinking my blog reveals my personality.
Why, you ask, am I always talking about my problems, my personality, my depressions, my need to be noticed?! Glad you ask.
I'm just self-centered and in my own little egotistical world. I like to talk about myself, explain myself, have people comment on my...self. That's it in a nutshell. Nut is right, you say.

It goes back to when I was a child and nobody wanted to hear anything from me, or at least that's the way it seemed to me. I never talked with anyone. No healthy conversations, no talks about fears, questions about boys, questions about girls (!), thoughts on the future or past. I didn't have close friends for a long time, my sister was gone and married when I might have broken out of my shell, my brother was rather condescending, my parents were mad busy keeping us fed and housed, no grandparents left.

I know I'm fine, really. I was just writing in a stream of consciousness.
I do know I grew up with communication gaps because I was so much younger than my sibs and had some kind of weird thought process that led me to believe I didn't matter much. All in my head.
But my blog is a mess, don't you agree?