Thursday, November 26, 2009

Underclothes Shopping Or How To Become Depressed In One Easy Step

Yes, people, it happened. I had to guzzle brown liquor in an attempt to dull the burning disgust in my head after it was all done.
The call of the underwear drawer contents was plenty audible -yeah, it was a cacophony of jeers and protests I could not ignore any longer. So I was out to do what had to be done.
I strode to the aisles of beautiful, albeit maximally plumped push-ups, demis and full-coverage with or without under wires, padding or not, smooth satin or lace-covered, hot pink to leopard printed, polka dotted to pure white. And those matching panties! Beautiful. I was happy and feeling pretty confident with the wide array to choose from and time on my side. No children, no place to be other than right here.
So I began gathering, on the hunt for the size, the style and the colors that I was drawn to. Move away from the Juniors side, move away from the full coverage for fuller chests. With racks (no pun intended) that are over- stuffed (again- npi), wrangling with the hangers, searching for the illusive size that the color-coded tags seem to never offer up and unintentionally tangling and pulling off bras in the process, a slight irritation grows. Finally with an armful, I head to the dressing room and begin the first try-out session.
Im going to wrap this up all nice and tidy by saying that real estate I once thought I owned, continually surveyed and admired, has succumbed to a natural disaster for which there is no amount of Army Corp of Engineers or National Guard help. Instead of being worn away by erosion, things have been deposited in the most unpleasant places.
It's a very old story, really, unavoidable but none -the-less distressing. A smack in the face and women of my age everywhere have the same story, Ill bet. I'm not alone but that doesn't help, somehow. All this silliness having been written, the bra size and style I once was able to buy off the rack if I chose to is a thing of the past. Now it's mandatory to try and retry both style and size a dozen times to find one bra. Landmarks that should be one place are now in another and there are...excesses- that change the terrain unpleasantly.
Siiigggghh. I did manage to find very nice additions for the northern and southern hemispheres but the pain and angst I now suffer from has ruined me a little.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't feel sorry for me, really!

We have school today and then we are granted a full Wednesday out before Thanksgiving. How nice of our district!
I will be spending this Thanksgiving Day alone for the first time ever. It made sense to because the kids need to spend some extra time with their dad and since they will be home on Friday from his house, I didn't want to travel over to my Mom's and come straight back to get them on the weekend. I decided to stay here, work on my Christmas gifts while they were gone and take off to my Mom's with them on Friday. September was the last time we were all home.

Anyone have a suggestion for Thanksgiving dinner for one?

More later.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This photo was taken at one of the marching festivals.
Erin is second from the right of the shortest tuba, top row
Jack is the rude Frenchman 5th from left, bottom row.
Their show was music from the show Spam-A-Lot. I think I mentioned that a while back.

Thursday- Feeling Like Saturday

Taking a mental health day today and enjoying as much outside time as possible. When I walked into school on Tuesday, I felt oppression which isn't normal, as I usually can wait until spring for such feelings to surface. I think those feelings stem from the fact my co-worker and I rarely leave our room during the day, lunch with each other (a measly 20 minutes) and host a continuous stream of pesky, work -avoiding kids that don't seem to make reasonable attempts to change. They don't care that they are missing recess- amazing!

Im still digging strawberries out if my garden for transplant to my friend, Andrea's where our fruit garden is. I never got them transplanted this spring to our raised beds out there because...there were no raised beds constructed! We managed to get one constructed and I mixed the soil for it and transplanted some strawberries but I have probably three hundred new plants that grew in my garden last year and set runners. I still have at least a hundred new starts to dig even now. Soooo, thats on my agenda.
I also decided to deconstruct my two flubby raised beds in my front yard that have been taken over by either tansy or northern sea oats. I would like to neaten up my yard with some shapely beds, incorporating some perennials and shrubs from other places in my yard and replanting those holes with a single variety of shrub. I have planted willy nilly. I doubt that will start today but it's on my mind.

Monday, November 09, 2009

This Week's Activities, God Permitting

70 degree days, a walk that doesn't freeze my you- know- what off, bike rides, the band banquet this evening, Fall Festival (okay, that's not that great but still), work in the garden that doesn't require a pair of hip waders and mud boots, patio time.
It's about bloody time we have some fall weather!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween and three of my peeps surfaced to help hand out candy. One brought her hubby which was cool because he brought the bottle of Crown Royal , which I had just put down on my Christmas list. He didn't read my Christmas list because he took the balance of the bottle home. I think she may have packed it up actually, as they had come over after attending her Grandma's funeral. I think she might have needed the evening and the bottle of CR for later.

One had her hubby show up with his best friend, who got rather irritated with our teachery, liberal stance on a few topics of conversation.

One came as a tired, cranky 50 year old woman. That could have been any of us.
More were invited but one just had surgery and she wasn't up for it and others had previous activities planned. One showed up even though I wished she hadn't with a very sick child who, it turned out today was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. NOT smart at all.

I dressed sort of BeetleGeuse-esque and Mother Nature.

What were you all doing on Halloween?