Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things are heating up with respect to spring testing. Teachers, students and parents are all about to spontaneously combust. If there was one thing I would do to make a difference in the situation, it would be to convey to parents that school no longer resembles what we as students remember. It is excellerated by several years ( 5th graders now are doing what I did in 8th grade), the organization a student has to possess is unbelievable, and the need for parents to help their struggling child at home is massive. I would not believe it if I were not in the school system myself, witnessing it every day nor would I believe teachers are doing everything possible to remedy each student's problems. I watch them, talk to them and see first hand the student's work. There is so much I'm overwhelmed and I don' even have a classroom. It is an ungodly job. I just think many parents- not all- don't realize teachers in general try everything in the book to reach a child with the concepts expected.
We have another month before we begin testing. Spring break is coming soon however. TGFSB!

E is performing tonight in a Winter Drumline extravaganza. Okay, maybe not an extravaganza. She has been staying for 2-hour practices twice a week on top of pep band, horn lessons and a ton of Trig homework. I am loving the extra curricular activities the band teacher has come up with this year to really stretch the learning for those that are interested. It has pressed E for time but I tend to be overly protective of the kid's free time. She will have to get used to less sleep if she plans on going to college.
She and Slim took a break from each other but they keep seeing each other and talking every night. I enjoy the fact I don't have to wonder what they are up to all the time but I sure miss the kid.
J is plugging along with school and trying to rein in his hormones. He is every bit his 13 years in growth and boy- groadiness. I am trying to impress upon him the neccessity of being a bit more reserved and clean in his appearance.
It's science fair time and I can't wait to see what he chooses to go with for a project. Im pushing for a solar oven but he isn't too keen on that idea.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

24 hours to myself spent

in search of the elusive dollar for the music department
Seal in Concert (damn, he's good)
some Lloyd Dobler (never enough)
extra sleep
Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood
Big Smith
emergence of thoughts and ideas floating to the surface unimpeded
screwdrivers in the sunshine
mango salsa and tortilla chips
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
reintroduction of offspring into abode

I might be healed...for awhile

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's All I Have

Why did Beethoven get mad at his chicken?

Because it kept saying "Bach, Bach, Bach".

Thursday, February 05, 2009

"your liver pays dearly for youthful magic moments,
but rocks on completely with some brand new components"-

Monday, February 02, 2009

All things are getting a close inspection today- my automobile and myself, neither of which is a picnic.
The automotive side of things does not look good. From a reliable source, the old ( and I use that term precisely) Intrepid is losing water and oil, the water being from a failing water pump and the oil from what they call "blowby" which does not refer to the speed with which I pass people but the worn out rings of the pistons allowing oil to vent out or some such nonsense as that. Unless there is intervention from above, I will be purchasing a new(er) vehicle. The water pump is a breeze but the oil prob- not so much.
Children are their charming selves. Did you detect any sarcasm there?
After a week off from school and I am saying it was a complete week OFF, there was much bellyaching at least from the boy. The girl has a mean cold and lost sleep last night. I bought a couple of cold aids today as well as Whiskey so maybe...Getting back into the work week will take a while but the sooner we get to it the sooner May will roll around.
My family in southeast Missouri is without power still but doing fine since my brother scrambled around and found generators for all of them. He truly is built handling catastrophes. It looks like a war zone over there. There are weekends of sawing and chipping coming up unfortunately made up of my mothers and brothers trees specifically those wonderful pecan trees, her apple, apricot and pear trees as well.
I took this week to clean my bedroom from top to bottom and to finish my plastering job on the walls of my bathroom. It is really easy and fun to plaster with drywall mud. I didn't even buy any special tools to use. Considering how pockmarked my walls are from wallpaper removal, I plan to plaster throughout the house.