Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Beautiful Baby Grandniece

Chloe. She is especially welcomed.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Man in A Little Body

My dad
April 16, 1937-July 21, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whoa! You know that little blogroll on the page you sign into on Blogger? It has a rolling listing of updated blogs. I just got an eyeful of nudity when I chose a harmless sounding blog to click on. Blah! I thought admin didn't allow stuff like that? Or am I being naive? This is the way I found Iamnot and Lorraine. It seemed so harmless.


Things are dry here. Time to water. Veggies are doing great. I harvested some whopper carrots that look like they are on steroids. I do believe they will be cooked rather than eaten fresh. I should have picked them 2 weeks ago. Tomatoes and green beans are coming off. Squash has that damn worm that burrows into the stem and kills the thing. I even sprayed for those and it still got my mound of zucchinis..sniff. I saw one cucumber ready to pick yesterday.
Sweet corn and cantaloupe is in the fridge from my parent's area. Yum.

I must have had some hidden caffeine sometimes last night because I couldn't go to sleep and then I wake up at 4:55 this morning. What the heck?! I guess it will aid in getting to the blueberry patch early. Last call for blueberries this weekend here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeling zapped and shook up.
Sunday my dad went into the hospital with pneumonia for a few days and now is back at the nursing home under some watchful eyes (family) 24-7. He is a bit better and as a result of being off all his normal meds, he was SO lucid! It was exciting and would have been a wonderful thing had he not almost died. We did have his meds adjusted so he is able to communicate better while maintaining his health. Now we just have to get his lungs cleared and back on some helpful meds to sleep before we can breath easier. I finally left to come home today and that feeling of dread just hung on all the way home.

I had a chance while I was there to look at email and scan some of my favorite blogs but didn't take time to comment. I'm still around.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

one of many evening raft excursions

monkey boys we sighted in Indiana

a big wave to the south at this point

visiting U of M Mathhaei Botanical Gardens and Arboretum in Ann Arbor - it was very delightful

the perennial gardens - my appetite was whetted for different layouts at my house after this visit

Australian Tree fern in the arboretum

everything was so gorgeous

one of my favs- delphiniums

the traditional herb garden was lovely and the kids learned a bit about why and how they are laid out in such a fashion

I'd like to work in metal craft after seeing this beautiful gate to the annual garden

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Uncle B's backyard from the water.

Great Aunt of mine and uncle of my mom's - and Mom.

My aunts on the paddle boat

Cousin Swim.

Mom on one of many morning fishing excursions.

Side view of backyard- it is pretty choice in my opinion.

The second night's sunset- primo!

We love taking our own photos- better us than someone else.

More later when I have download time.

It seems like I was gone for a month and my lawn and garden looks it too.
We got bukoos of rain and summer has officially set in with humidity at practically 100%.
About the trip- it was very good for us all. E and J were very pleased my sister and her family went so that gave them both someone to hang with-specifically their cousin, C. They enjoyed the water a lot more this time with the waverunner and paddle boat pontoon- a very nifty craft. Tons of fishing among the older set and yes, the worms came in handy although I would say Michigan fish need something a bit more substantial than a Missouri worm. They caught fish, just not the big ones.
There were leisurely pontoon trips with anchoring and swimming. This lake seriously rocks. And the weather, save the trip in which dumped water at a Noah's flood rate on me while driving, was mild, dry and 60's/70's. Aaaahhh.
There were a ton of folks there and my uncle actually had 13 people in the house although E and I bunked next door at friends.
All in all a lovely time.

Now reality sets in. Automotive repairs in the hundreds which is to be expected since rarely is there repairs for less than $100 at least for my car.
Fighting the raging gnat infestation which is typical this time of year with produce in the house. My kids are icked out but then it doesn't take much. It's the same when it's ant season. Thankfully we don't have to fight any other insect infestation.
And now that I've read Kimmy's post about "Children of the Corn" (sorry Kimmy, I am not bright enough today to link it) I am determined to make my kids get off the computer and iPod and outside. I'm not going to win their hearts with it but I'm prepared.

I'll post pictures when I figure out where the camera is- somewhere in E's room.

A post- 4th of July party at my friend's house tonight with a live band- should be interesting. I think most of the county is invited and more than half show up.
Come back and see me.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Michigan Yankee R and R. Don't know if rest or relaxation will have anything to do with it.
Leaving today for my mom's and out of there tomorrow for Oxbow Lake near Pontiac. You'll never guess what I'm taking with me....A slight hint.
Do you know a dozen red wiggler worms cost $2.50 in Michigan? Let's just say I was digging in my compost for pink gold last night. This morning's coffee grounds go into the styro cooler with an ice pack and away we go! From what I'm told, this little contribution will make several people really happy.

Ciao everybody!