Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spoutings from My Brain

It's so dry here. I am not watching the weather anymore so I don't have to hear or see anything that says 'drought'. My water bill was huge but still manageable. I've begun to take over the watering at the school gardens since they weren't getting done. Things are in bad shape. The temperatures have backed off to a very pleasant 55 degrees at night and a beautiful 85 degrees during the sunny dry days. It's made for some lovely moon-filled nights. When the moon is full and it's still, I would love to be outside but alas, I like my sleep too much.

My daughter completed her first week of college and lived to tell about it. She arrived home and spent a few hours with us- eating and laundering- and then moved on to the other household she lives at- the boyfriend's house- not to be seen again. I know she is home since her bedroom door is closed. She apparently came in during the night...

My mother is visiting for the first time since E graduated. I think there is shopping in my future.

I completed my first full week back to work. My butt was kicked. I fell asleep in my chair at 8 pm last night and struggled to wake up the rest of the evening. Finally my mom went to bed and I didn't even know when. I made up the couch bed and promptly fell asleep until 7 this morning. (I know you were waiting for me to share my sleeping habits, right?)

One thing that irks me about school this year, although I can understand it- we have a filter that will allow us access with a warning but logs us as we travel around the internet. The word from administration is not to go to anything but the school email site because there is too much personal internet usage during instructional time. They are gunning for us. As far as understanding- I have found co-workers on Facebook and other sites while the kids are doing independent work. So, I don't get online at all during school . That's quite a change from my summer routine.

Later, dudes...


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