Saturday, February 06, 2010

Obvious Trend You Might Recognize

I found some interesting advice on a subject I'm mulling over. Am I too picky? I haven't been through nearly enough men to pick one out. I know it takes a bunch before any rise to the surface for consideration (see?-even that sounded snooty).
Bottom line- compromise. I don't know the perfect balance of compromise. I suppose it will have to be a careful consideration and not a snap decision, huh?
Maybe I should read this.
I keep looking around me and seeing men with women and wondering "how did they decide on each other? What drew them together and what is their story? Surely I can do this. "

This is the short little article.


Blogger Lorraine said...

Well, despite the very cogent and compelling argument made by Anonymous, I will say that I do think women tend to be too picky. If we want Colin Firth in a wet shirt then, by gum, we're going to have him, missing all the perfectly decent and lovely guys that might come along in the meantime. I would never argue for settling. But open mindedness is a good thing. (This from someone who, by the time she met her husband, had only 2 dealbreakers left on the list. He met both criteria. The fact that a lot of my other stuff was present was icing on the cake).

I actually just stopped by to say "hi".

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