Monday, August 07, 2006


It doesn't matter how good your arguments are.
It doesn't matter if you have wonderful eye contact.
It doesn't matter how much highly refined logic you have.
It doesn't matter if you use tone, pace and modulation of your voice.
It does not matter how fervently you believe what you are saying.
It does not matter whether you are right. Or whether you are wrong.
If the person at the receiving end has not understood your message, it means only one thing: You have not communicated. The acid test of communication is not what you have said but what the other person has received.

This post was over at http:// It just jumped out at me since I had been mullng over my communication ability just this morning.
There are many bloggers I read to experience wonderful communication skills. Such enjoyable, humorous, interesting, eloquent folks that share themselves so fully. Lee, in particular uses few words but expresses himself completely and humorously. I guess I should get a blogroll going.
Many times I just lurk and don't comment. I don't find it easy to distill my thoughts to 1 or 2 lines. I appreciate the people who can and honestly, the "regular" commenters on the blogs I read daily are as amusing as the blogger.


Blogger Helene said...

I think you communicated this perfectly. I totally agree about Lee's writing style... and I think I will have a look right now! I have been remiss in my blog visits lately!!!


7:55 PM  
Blogger AM Kingsfield said...

I love your style! I'n happy whenever I see your comments. You just need another blueberry martini for a moral boost.

10:02 PM  

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